With the film being on their production slate since the mid-2000's, it looks like Marvel's Ant-Man is inching closer to reality. Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World writer/director Edgar Wright has just finished shooting a test reel for the film. Though this is a far cry from an actual film, it will give Wright a good idea of how to eventually pull off the look and tone of the film which he's co-written with Attack the Block's Joe Cornish. These tests will also help establish a way to make Ant-Man's powers look convincing on-screen.

There's also hopes that a Wright-directed Ant-Man clip will be the after-the-credits Easter Egg attached to next year's Iron Man 3.

With Marvel slated to make a big announcement about their secret film project at Comic-Con, this test reel news only adds to the speculation. However, Latino Review have reported that Guardians of the Galaxy have been chosen for Marvel's 2014 release. Just last month, the website reported that Black Panther would be the mystery film on Marvel's slot. Those reports were debunked. So take the Guardians report with a grain of salt. We won't really know until Comic-Con whether or not Latino Review are correct or once again totally full of beans.