Is it time for an Eddie Murphy comeback? His next movie, Tower Heist, looks like it might actually be good despite the involvement of Brett Ratner, he's going to voice the universally beloved Hong Kong Phooey in a big-screen adaptation of same, and now it's being reported that he's the top contender to host next year's Oscars ceremony. Hi-yah!

[post-video postid="222437"]This is not close to being a done deal, but apparently one of the producers of the telecast, the aforementioned Brett Ratner, is very enthusiastic about the job going to Eddie, who is said to be "showing interest." And many are saying that he seems like a perfect fit for the job, what with his experience doing live TV comedy on Saturday Night Live, his worldwide star power, and his cinephilia, supposedly being able to "quote scenes from every single movie word for word,” according to one source. I can't wait to see him do Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend! (Deadline)