If you're an avid reader of Vince Flynn novels, you and writer/director Ed Zwick should get a cup of joe and kibitz sometime soon. CBS Films has just set Zwick to direct the adaptation of American Assassin, the prequel in the CIA agent Mitch Rapp series. Sweet name, Mitch Rapp. Sweet name. The 11th book in the series tells how tragedy turned Rapp into a ruthless hunter of terrorists for the CIA. Note to poster makers: tragedy always seems to be very motivational. [post-video postid="5712"]

CBS Films has had a boner for Rapp for awhile now. They originally were set to adapt the novel Consent to Kill with Antoine Fuqua set to direct, but after talking to Zwick, realized starting at the very beginning was a very good place to start. Author Flynn is totally down with Zwick as the studio's choice. So fans, don't go aggressively dipping your quills in that ink well. The creator of Mitch Rapp knows what's best for Mitch Rapp. (Deadline)