Remember how your mom kept recommending you see It's Complicated, even though there was no way in hell you were ever gonna see it? And every time you called, she asked, "did you see It's Complicated?" Sigh. Our nation's moms need to realize that we're probably not gonna see movies starring old people, unless the joke is that they're old, and we don't expect them to see any of the Jackass movies. I think that's fair.

So, given all that, here's a movie I know I'm not gonna see. The Look Of Love stars Ed Harris (Apollo 13) and Diane Keaton (good Woody Allen movies) in a romance about a woman who falls in love with a man that looks just like her dead husband. Awesome. Glad that General Hummel and Nina Banks from Father of the Bride have found each other. I will happily buy this on DVD for my mom as a Christmas present, as long as she doesn't expect us all to watch it. (TheWrap)