Earthquakes And Hurricanes: Hollywood’s Guide To Surviving Natural Disasters

Tuesday, August 23 by

White Squall

In White Squall, Jeff Bridges plays a tough-but-fair doctor in charge of the privileged young men on a class sailing trip. He teaches his wards toughness and discipline, which are key traits you’re going to need when facing a wind and lightning storm. So, if you find yourself out at sea and bad weather hits, be more like Jeff Bridges. You should actually do that on land too.

The Wizard of Oz

As we learned with Twister, tornadoes can impale and crush you at a moment’s notice. But, when ridden correctly, they can transport you to a magical world where evil and death lurks behind every other corner. Seriously, if you encounter a tornado, just head to the basement. We’ll get you a new dog.

Lawrence of Arabia

A sand storm is a meteorological phenomenon common in dry regions where dust is lifted by gust fronts and other strong winds. The particles then attack everything in sight like a massive swarm of angry bees. It gets in your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair, and butt, which just sounds like a terrible way to die. Especially if the sand blows at you with such force that it eats the tissue and muscle from your bones. I saw that happen in a movie once. I don’t think that was Lawrence of Arabia, however.

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