Summit Entertainment has taske brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber to draft a sequel to the "Hey look!  These people are too old to be doing this!"-hit Red. They are probably a good choice, too, seeing as how they wrote the original. Of course, in an ensemble cast like this, producing a script is the easy part, whereas getting all the big names to return may prove more of a challenge. Or not. Maybe the whole cast was pulling an Ocean's Eleven and goofing off and getting high in Europe the whole time and can't wait to do it again.

The Hoebers most recently have put together a script for Battleship, which sounds like a Herculean task, so let's not underestimate their ability to craft a story out of a razor-thin premise. Adding to their cache is the fact that Red got a nod from the Golden Globes for Best Comedy or Musical, which may not mean much to laymen, but those Hollywood types LOVE their awards.

The film hasn't been greenlit, but it's probable that with the same writing team, Summit will find a way to make this work. Even if it's just old-people jokes for 105 minutes. Betty White made old people so hot again. (Collider)