Tsunamis and Aronofsky be damned; The Wolverine marches on.

After losing their attached director to scheduling conflicts, and their shooting locations to a natural disaster, the producers of The Wolverine seems to be slowly but surely moving forward, holding meetings with the frontrunner to replace Mr. Black Swan. The search was spearheaded by David Slade, who was attached before Aronofsky came along, demonstrating that studios can be friends after being lovers.

Duncan Jones, helmer of Moon and the more recent Source Code, has recently confirmed that he is in talks with Fox to discuss taking the reins of the ill-fated project. However, Jones seems more inclined to pursue directing his own material, rather than the writing of others, despite the fact that the script for The Wolverine is supposed to be top notch.

It's widely rumored that the studio is more than willing to take its time with this project after backlash from the previous Wolverine entry. So just because the ball is rolling here, don't expect the previous timetable to be kept. 'Cause after the director problem gets solved, there's still all that mess devastation in Asia to deal with. (IGN)