The best thing about the Twilight buzz machine is when Kristen Stewart sits down for an unsupervised interview, while her publicist fills her purse in the hospitality suite. The girl puts her foot in her mouth at the craziest of angles so consistently that I've felt we need a new section called Dumb Things Kristen Stewart Says. Actually, she goes off the PR rails so often we could dedicate our entire site to it. And then a book deal. And then a sitcom. I'm digressing. The latest diarrhea to dribble out of Kristen's opinion-hole paints her adoring fans as crazed lunatics (something we've been in the business of doing for awhile now). From Hello! magazine:

"I don't feel very comfortable on the red carpet. Sometimes I get really excited for what I'm going to and then try to take good pictures and go inside... I literally have to keep myself from crying sometimes. I look out there at a thousand people and I realize they could rush me and assassinate me. No security could protect me. Ostensibly they're fans, but I think about them turning on me."

Relax, Kristen. If you ever feel unsafe in a crowd of Twihards, just mumble for help. If that fails, run in the opposite direction. It's likely they'll lose their breath before making it to that Jamba Juice over there by that green car. (via CinemaBlend)