Duke Nukem to Get His Own (Probably) Crappy Movie

Tuesday, September 9 by

When Duke Nukem 3D was fresh, it won my little heart with its crude jokes and animated ultra-violence. Unfortunately, that was 12 years ago, and in that time I have completely lost interest and so has just about everyone else I know. But, the Duke has two games coming out soon and Hollywood isn’t exactly busting with new ideas, so Max Payne producer, Scott Faye is giving flat top a shot at the big screen.

Apparently, the movie is going to be a very faithful to the source material, which means it’ll be cool to kids in their early teens and adults who are prone to falling all over themselves for pointless nostalgia. If I sound a little bitter about the whole thing, go rent yourself a copy of the Doom movie starring The Rock and then try to tell me you’re still excited. No, go ahead. I’ll wait.

From: Empire Online

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