Drugs Are Fun PSA - Watch more Movie Trailers

In the above viral promo for Black Dynamite, starring Michael Jai White, the titular badass is on a mission to fight smack in the orphanage. He pays a visit to the front stoop of Ding Dong Roar (a disturbing '70s "Sesame Street"/"Zoobilee Zoo" hybrid) to let us know that drugs aren't as fun as they look. But judging by the catchy song, hypercolors and characters like Funky Feline and Little Strange Alien Child, drugs appear to be way f**king fun. Why Tom Sizemore isn't a regular on "Ding Dong Roar" is beyond us.

Black Dynamite opens October 16th, 2009. Be sure to visit the official site on Black Dynamite's crusade: Fight Smack in the Orphanage. You can help the children and sh*t.