Comic-Con 2011: ‘Drive’ Director Reveals His Vision For ‘Logan’s Run’

Thursday, July 21 by

Logan’s Run was such a cool premise, what went so wrong? People are forbidden to live past 30, so of course a 30-year-old will run. Well, the original movie was kind of lame, and they’ve been trying to do it right for decades, with directors like Bryan Singer. We love Drive here, so Nicolas Winding Refn doing the new Logan’s Run could finally make it awesome.

“I think one of the problems maybe has been, and I’ve never been in the other meetings, is they’ve been trying to remake the original film which is impossible because it’s already dated,” Refn said at a Comic-Con interview for Drive. “How do you remake something dated about the future which is much more advanced?”

Drive star Ryan Gosling is on board too, which also makes it more awesome than the average remake. First he’s going to star in Refn’s Only God Forgives. “When I have the script that I’m happy with, that Ryan’s happy with, that Warner’s is happy with…” Refn said about getting started on Logan’s Run.

The great approach Drive took to the familiar criminal doublecross story was that it’s just so silent. The characters don’t explain everything, they just do it. That might be a smart way to approach a sci-fi movie, in an age where every franchise is full of expository backstory.

“That’s the big trick,” Refn agreed. “Sometimes overexplaining it is actually what makes it more complicated.”

It sounds like Refn is going to fight for it though. He acknowledged the studio’s needs above, but he’s passionate about getting this movie made. “I’ve always been obsessed with the film ever since I was little. When they called and asked if I was interested, my answer was just yes, yes, yes, yes.”


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