Not content with just featuring walking Internet meme Nicholas Cage in their film, the producers of Drive Angry have found a new way to get your attention, should you be one of those people that has found a way to tune out all things Cage-related.

That new way is a "motion poster," which acts as an embeddable video/image hybrid. It's probably not anything you'd want to look at longer than you would a traditional static poster, but seeing as how it's new, it should be good for some novelty value initially. So if you're one of those people that complains that a Amber Heard's hair isn't moving in a poster, or flames aren't flickering, then this is your Woodstock. Just make sure to close the window when you're done taking in all the motion-glory, as the repetitive sounds of flames burning is pretty damn annoying.

It's safe to say that this is gimmicky enough to only be a viable marketing ploy for action or kids movies, but don't rule out this being used to show some girl taking her top off should those American Pie movies ever emerge from straight-to-DVD hell. (Vulture)