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While they are already slated to shit all over your memories of Hellraiser and Halloween, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer don't show any signs that they will stop churning out unwatchable horror flicks. The team that gave audiences a headache with My Bloody Valentine 3D and Drive Angry 3D have two more in the pipeline.

First, there's Circle of Silence -- a departure from the horror genre for the duo that centers around the still-unsolved real life murder of a police officer murdered in a Harlem mosque back in 1972. It's filled with political intrigue that is sure to really pop in 3D.

Then there's Already Dead (aka In Darkness), which I can't help but be curious about. It's a vampire movie/courtroom thriller. I like to imagine a courtroom full of all the vampire archetypes. Edward Cullen could play an intrepid young lawyer trying to shake a confession out of Gary Oldman's butt-haired dracula, which of course will lead to Dracula shouting, "You can't handle the tooth!" Yeah, you groan now but I wouldn't put it past these guys. They did think it would pass as funny to have characters named "Jason" and "Freddy" in My Bloody Valentine. (The Playlist)