This confirms our suspicions that Antoine Fuqua prefers to just attach himself to films rather than make them. Which makes sense, because I would think making a film is hard work, but attaching yourself to a project is fun and easy. Of course, Dreamworks was actually the party that walked away from Southpaw, a boxing film helmed by Fuqua and starring Eminem, written by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter.

That leaves Fuqua attached to "only" Storming Las Vegas, Afterburn, The Tomb, and Tupac. It's unknown when those projects will go belly-up so that he can really go hog wild attaching himself to stuff.

It's unknown why Dreamworks walked away from the film, especially in light of the popularity of boxing and MMA films both recently and in the future. However, the script, director, and star remain bundled together, so begin the parade of potential suitors. Quick, before Eminem's not popular. Oh, wait. Shit.