DreamWorks And Shawn Levy Hard At Work On The Demise Of Film

Tuesday, March 29 by

DreamWorks snatched up a new pitch with the intention of having Real Steel‘s Shawn Levy direct.

The story is about a father and son who take a road trip to develop some pictures. Using a New York Times article as its jumping off point, the film is centered around the mad rush to the last lab capable of processing Kodachrome film. With the rise of digital cameras, it was impossible to keep these labs afloat. Therefore, the father and son characters had to make the pilgrimage or never be able to see their cherished pictures. This actually sounds like a touching story about the special bond that a father and son can spend making memories while on a mission to preserve memories. Sucks about all that driving though. Should’ve planned ahead, dickheads. (Deadline)

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