The impending sequel for the critically and financially successful How to Train Your Dragon isn't much of a surprise. Dreamwork's logic, understandably, was, "Hey! This movie made lots of money. Let's do that again!" Executive producer Tim Johnson spoke to Bad Taste about the logistics of another dragon-training session, saying that he expects to have the film released in the fall of 2013.

Johnson also said we can expect the sequel to be "bigger" than the original. It will be curious to see exactly how Dreamworks makes a three-dimensional movie about flying dragons "bigger." Maybe they're going to get Zach Galifianakis or Betty White to be in it. Or maybe Dreamworks has found a new dimension that we don't know about and they'll be filming the sequel in that. He let on that we can expect to see new characters in the sequel, so they won't be staying ENTIRELY in the established universe, but I wouldn't expect too much new ground to be broken beyond that.

Johnson also spoke to the HTTYD TV series, which is pegged to arrive on Cartoon Network in 2012. He said that the TV series will keep the tone of the original film, which he said was "darker" and "dramatic." Expect to see lots of divorced dragons with alcohol problems who never get to see their kids.