Douglas Trumbull To Blow Your Mind With Frame Rates

Monday, April 11 by

You might recognize the name Douglas Trumbull, even if you aren’t sure from where. He’s probably most famous for his work on the excellent special effects in the sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey. But he’s also directed some movies himself since then, like Silent Running. Recently, though, his career has been in silent running – he hasn’t directed a movie since 1983’s Brainstorm. Now, despite that, he’s being trusted with the latest in Hollywood’s mind-blowing technology: higher frame rates. Here’s Trumbull on the best invention since Edison filmed a man on a horse:

“Higher frame rates create a sense of realism. We are now at a time when we can have any film texture we want. But it’s not an either/or situation.”

This higher frame rate process has been advocated by James Cameron as a solution to the headaches and nausea that sometimes accompany a 3D movie. No details on plot or anything, but let’s face it – you’re coming for the higher frame rates, not the story or characters. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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