Sure you'll be ahead of the curve by months and months and months, but if you're just now getting your Dark Knight Rises tickets, then you're a month or so behind, as tickets have been on sale since October.

The Hunger Games tickets go on sale Feb 22nd, 74 days before the 74th Annual Hunger Games. If you're the type of person that is buying Hunger Games tickets that early, that fun little coincidence is exactly the type of thing that should get your motor runnin'.

I recommend that everyone buy their tickets as soon as possible, because the more people that buy tickets seven months out for a movie, the more hilarious it will be when the movie release date is pushed up one week or an asteroid hits Earth, ensuring that absolutely no one will delight when Katniss gets completely made over and looks totally beautiful on the eve of the games.

Oh my God! I'm SO excited for The Hunger Games! I wish it came out tomorrow!