Just like that old parable from the Bible where a mom is tasked with seeing her baby cut in half, Marvel Studios too has to choose. The studio and Edgar Wright have narrowed their two top choices to play Ant-Man and they're both pretty likeable guys who never hurt you in anyway. Oof. This one's going to be tough.

Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are both up for the part, as well as "a remote possibility another actor could emerge" to take the role for less of Marvel's money. But he'd better be damn likeable.

From the outset, I've seen Gordon-Levitt in this role but the idea of Rudd also interests me. Though his alternating sarcasm and mumbling comedy schtick has grown grating in the past five or so years, a cool film like this could be just the jolt he needs to keep it fresh. I'm still on Team JGL but could also be okay with James Franco or Michael Cera in the role. They'll all be equally hysterical when shrunken down and trapped in some lady's cleavage. (Variety)