Don’t Get Your Hopes Up For A ‘Kick-Ass’ Sequel

Monday, January 24 by

When Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar told the press that filming was set to begin on a sequel this spring, it seemed like he was just saying things. The original (though excellent) didn’t find its anticipated audience and it’s unlikely Matthew Vaughn would want to jump back into superheroes directly after wrapping up X-Men: First Class.

Now Britain‘s version of Christina Hendricks, screenwriter Jane Goldman has shot down any rumors that Kick-Ass 2 is currently in the works. She put one in the heart of the geek community via her Twitter.

“Saw a few erroneous reports today that I’m currently writing Kick Ass 2 script – sorry if anyone’s disappointed, but not true.”

Goldman went on to share that she’s currently working on two projects currently. One of which is Matthew Vaughn‘s next project, and the other a secret project that has yet to be announced. I guess my options are to wait patiently for the announcement or follow her on Twitter. I’d really like it if I didn’t have to follow someone named @ferretprincess.

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