Dominic Monaghan Doesn’t Hang Out With Matthew Fox Because Of His Alleged Woman-Beating

Wednesday, May 30 by
Simpler times, I guess. Also: Shit, Sawyer's handsome! 

In the filter-free world of Twitter, lots of truths get exposed as a result of being able to ask people anything. In a session with Dominic Monaghan, a commenter jokingly asked the Lost actor if there is any way he could get Matthew Fox back on Twitter.

Monaghan, in decidedly non-joking fashion replied, “he beats women. no thanks”.

He then offered up, without prodding, “He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often.” A curious party then asked if the “Charlie” actor was worried about being sued. He then responded, “It’s very¬†difficult¬†to sue someone for speaking the truth.”

What does this mean? It means that a possible Lost reunion show, in which we all learn that the final scene was a dream of a man in the fingernail of a bigger universe in an alternate reality that happens thousands of years in the future will probably never happen.



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