It's news like today's that reminds us that someone actually has to direct Adam Sandler movies, and they don't just happen like an earthquake or a forest fire. Screenwriters Sean Anders and John Morris are in negotiations to direct I Hate You, Dad, a "comedy" in which Andy Samberg's character has his father, played by Sandler, move in with him and his fiancee with "hilarious" results.

Sandler is producing under the Happy Madison name, which means that there will be about forty of Sandler's friends in it, most of whom will speak with "funny" accents. It's not all bad news, though. David Wain and Ken Marino, both "The State" alumni, have performed a rewrite of the original script written by David Caspe, which allows for the possibility that their brand of humor could counteract the inertia that has been plaguing Sandler's recent "comedic" performances. Defeating that inertia would be a herculean task, but with the way Sandler's career has gone, all we have left is hope. (Variety)