Doc Watch: Billy Corgan And The Infinite Oldness

Thursday, October 9 by

I would be interested in watching a behind the scenes sort of thing of Smashing Pumpkins touring back in 1996. But 2007 does not have the same appeal.

When you go backstage with aging rockstars that are way past their heyday you realize that people like Mick Jagger wear special shoes and listen to Brahms in their hotel suites. It’s about doing a job that has been proven over the years and getting pleanty of sleep in the process.

Scorsese’s Shine A Light was not uninteresting, but it drove home the point that there is a big difference in rocking at the age of 22 and rocking in your 60’s.  Some Kind Of Monster, the brilliant doc about Metallica delved even deeper into the psychological effects of making piles of money in your youth, and dealing with the isolation in adulthood through petulance.    

The Smashing Pumpkins doc If All Goes Wrong hits theatres on Nov. 6th and Nov 6th only. Then, right to DVD. Hopefully it will have some sort of reason to be made, other than Billy’s friend owning a HDV cam. It sure isn’t going to be this:

Max Powers

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  1. October 9, 2008 10:15 am

    think for yourself

    I’d be interested in watching Nietzsche write in 1896; but in 1907, come on.. It’s lost its appeal!

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