There's something scarier going on in North Korea than a totalitarian regime. So say Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio, the scribes behind the action/possible sci-fi thriller film DMZ. When a motley group of international soldiers enter the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to recover a crashed satellite, they find that strange things are afoot in the DMZ.

For those of you that think this sounds a bit like're right. It does. However, it sounds like the writing team plans on putting forth a little more due diligence in getting the details and possibly the political climate right for this one. The writing duo recently visited the DMZ to scope out the tunnels and land mines and whatever the hell else is going down out there, so expect a little more realism in this one. There still could be aliens, but remember that I said "a little more realism," not "a lot more realism."

Regardless of the realism forecast, you can expect action to come from the writing team and Di Bonaventura productions. Between them, Passmore and Fabrizio have penned Red Dawn, and the upcoming Hellified and The World After. Di Bonaventura has recently worked on Transformers, Salt, Red, and the critically-acclaimed G.I. Joe.

Something tells me this group of soldiers won't make it out of the DMZ through diplomatic tactics. (Variety)