After languishing for 14 years in development hell, A Walk Among the Tombstones appears to be back, provided DJ Caruso attaches himself to the project. Deadline states that Caruso is weighing this project against Preacher for his next gig.

Tombstones is an adaptation of an entry of the same name in the David Scudder series of books. In this particular story, retired cop Matthew Scudder helps a heroin boss recover his kidnapped wife. Did someone say "gritty?"

Cross Creek pictures is hoping to establish a franchise out of this entry, so there's more riding on this project than just the one film. Caruso has helmed several similar projects including Eagle Eye, Disturbia, and I Am Number Four. Harrison Ford was attached to an older iteration of the project over a decade ago, but then he went and got a ridiculous earring, so the search for a star begins anew.