DJ Caruso May Direct ‘Preacher’, Shia LaBeouf Would Play Every Role

Monday, February 14 by

The rumor is that DJ Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) is in talks to direct Preacher, a feature film based on Vertigo’s acclaimed graphic novel series of the same name. I’ve never seen Caruso’s most famous movies, but my understanding is that they’re not exactly heady. So the coupling of Caruso and the smart, darkly satirical and deep story of Preacher sounds as unnatural as sex between an angel and a demon. That goes double for the first name on Caruso’s speed-dial, Shia LaBeouf, playing the weighty role of Jesse Custer. Though I would like to see him get hit over the head with a pool cue.

John August (Corpse Bride) wrote the most recent adaptation for Columbia Pictures, which is reportedly faithful to the original Garth Ennis comic. At one point, Sam Mendes was attached to direct, but he bailed for Bond. That’s what we know for sure, because the Caruso story is only a rumor. At this point, a Preacher adaptation has been “in the works” since 1998, and was at one time going to be an HBO mini-series directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider). So… anybody awesome wanna direct this instead? (/Film)

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