Can it really be a "dream home" home if it's only 500 SF? Sure. Whatever.

Tony Alleyne LITERALLY (ok, figuratively) had his heart ripped out of his chest upon learning that the apartment he had spent ten years transforming into Star Trek's USS Voyager was going to be sold by his bitch ex-wife. Just kidding about the "bitch" thing. It turns out that they split in 1994, and since then she has maintained ownership of the flat while he lived there. Now, a brief 18 years later, their finalizing their divorce, and she wants to sell the place, putting Mr. Alleyne out one nerd-tastic residence.

The improvements cost him roughly $150,000, which probably could have gone to buying his own place, but perhaps he was under the impression that the place wouldn't be sold.

If anyone has an extra room or place of equal or greater nerdiness, please keep this guy in mind before you just take in some weirdo from Craigslist.