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Writer Taxed With Figuring Out ‘Paranormal Activity 3′

Monday, January 10 by

The money train that is the Paranormal Activity franchise keeps plugging along for Paramount Pictures, with Bloody Disgusting reporting that Christopher B. Landon, the writer behind the Shia LaBeouf, Rear Window-redux Disturbia has been hired to pen the third installment of the young series with co-writer Michael R. Perry, the scribe behind Paranormal Activity 2. While most horror franchises are beginning to spin their wheels by the time the third part comes around, the PA franchise has found itself in the unique position of trending upward in terms of quality two films in.

Both installments thus far have been critically acclaimed, so the question of where the series goes for the third installment is on the minds of fans. While the default sentiment is that the studio will continue the story of the characters introduced in the first and second episodes, many believe that in order to prevent stale, familiar characters, the studio may go to a prequel the third time out, shedding some light on the history of the family and their macabre hijinks. Paramount has slated the film for an October 21, 2011 release date. Just in time for Halloween. Duh.

Regardless of the direction the producers take the third Paranormal Activity, one thing’s certain: if you watch a DVD screener of this franchise, it will lock you in your house, no matter how powerful you are in Hollywood.

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