Why would Disney turn the extremely thin, extremely nebulous premise of It's a Small World into a film? Because it's something you heard of. And that's what movie studios do now. They take things you've heard of and make movies out of them.

Even if it's a known item that you completely hate, like the A Small World ride. Maybe because it's the 50th anniversary of the ride (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?) Disney wanted to remind us that they can annoy us with A Small World even when we're not in Anaheim or Orlando.

What will the film be about?

WHOA. Slow down there. You don't determine the premise or details of a film before it's greenlit. That's insane. You sit around a table with a bunch of big bald guys in suits, and a bunch of skinny scared-looking guys around them. Then one of the skinny guys goes, "Angry Birds?"

And the suit guy pounds the table and goes, "Yes!"

And then you figure out the details when everyone shows up in costume.