Disney Exec Says They’ll Crank Out One ‘Star Wars’ Origin Story Per Year

Friday, September 13 by
I demand toddler versions of all familiar characters. Like 'Muppet Babies'.  

Considering how much they paid for the franchise, it’s no wonder that Disney is looking beyond J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII to an annual Star Wars entry that delves into the backstories of some of our favorite characters.

Yes, they did this already with limited success, but the characters in the originals were pretty old, and all focus groups agree that audiences would rather see young attractive people do nothing (or next-to-nothing in the case of pod races) than see older, more developed characters do anything.

Did Emperor Palpatine have braces in high school? Was his stepdad withholding? Star Wars fans will soon know the answers, whether they want to or not.

Every. Year.

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