For a company with a treasure trove of box office booty thanks to movie pirates, Disney sure is taking a hard stance against the online Captain Jack Sparrows of the world.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Co. chief executive Bob Iger believes technology companies are coming out smelling like roses in the PR war... at the expense of Hollywood. The result? Policing illegal activity online will get even more difficult than it already is:

"Iger made the comments during a keynote chat with talent attorney Bruce Ramer today at the annual Institute on Entertainment Law & Business presented by USC Law School and the Beverly Hills Bar Assn.

'New technology is great, but it has to be used in a responsible way that respects the talent and the investment in creativity," Iger told the luncheon crowd of 600--a record for the annual event, according to Ramer. "I don't think our industry has been as effective as it needs to be on the subject. The tech industry is doing a better job of articulating excitement around technology than we are about how a business that is so vital to the United States is potentially in peril.'

"Iger called piracy 'the biggest problem the industry faces,' and said, "It's not getting better and it will get worse."

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