[post-album postid="212971" item="1"]Seeing as anything can be a movie these days, Disney is moving forward with The Hill. Based on The Matterhorn Bobsleds roller-coaster at Disneyland, the film will tell the story of five young adventurers climbing the real Matterhorn and encountering Yetis along the way. Spread writer Jason Dean Hall is scripting for Tron: Legacy producer Justin Springer.

The success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise was obviously the motivation for this project. Between this and the upcoming glut of toy-to-film adaptations, it doesn't seem too hard to pitch these days. That's why I plan on pitching Helicopter! It's based on when I go out in my driveway and spin around with my arms out at my side. It should be a bigger hit than The Country Bears at the very least. (THR)