Ordinarily, news of a Dirty Dancing reboot lead me to roll my eyes, quietly fart, then dutifully crank out an article pretending that it might not suck, much as I did with the Footloose news. However, this story has a little more depth to it, as the film will be directed by Kenny Ortega, who served as the choreographer on the 1987 original before going on to a successful career directing such musical films as High School Musical 3 and the Michael Jackson concert film This Is It.

It merits mentioning that he had absolutely nothing to do with Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, though Lionsgate, the studio behind the 2004 "film," will be responsible for the reboot.

No plot details are known, and while the film doesn't exactly lie in my cinematic wheelhouse, having a principal from the (admittedly good) original means that the reboot might be handled a little more delicately, which means that we can start hope for a crump-free movie. (Deadline)