One of the hottest scripts going around Hollywood these days is perhaps one of its more farfaetched. David Weil has written and is now shopping Moonfall, a script that he refers to as a "Fargo-like thriller set on the moon." Uh...yes, please.

The Wrap is reporting that many big names in directing are vying for the project, but the only name they specifically call out is Darren Aronofsky of Black Swan and, recently, Noah fame.

We don't have much more on the details of the script, and frankly, we don't want them. You had us at "Fargo on the moon." Anything else related to this film is just a distraction.

The pieces should be falling into place shortly here, and then we can get some insight into cast, premise, etc. Bu for right now, let's just imagine how much better this scene would be if it was lunar, rather than dumb ole' terrestrial.