John-Pierre Melville's The Red Circle is a French crime classic, with archetypal men in hats being badasses and stealing shit. Obviously this makes it a prime candidate for a Hollywood remake, despite the fact that the actual plot is the least interesting part of The Red Circle. Not because it's a bad plot, but because the plot isn't the point: Melville's crime movies are all about style and looking cool. So I'm disappointed to announce that instead of noted Melville fan John Woo directing this remake, it's noted shitty movie fan Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, the now in-theaters Unknown) who got the job. I'll give you a second to groan really loudly in response to this news.

The one possible bright spot is that the script is being written by Steven Knight, who did the script for the fantastic Russian gangster movie Eastern Promises. So maybe this will be more like that and less like Orphan. Grooaaaaannn. (via Deadline)