Roger Michell, director of Morning Glory now wants to know "what's the story?" about an alleged affair between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his sixth cousin (!) Daisy in 1939. There's also, as always, a connection to The King's Speech, since the story takes place during a weekend visit by King George VI to the president at his Hyde Park estate. It's called Hyde Park on Hudson, and it's sure to have a lot of weird wheelchair sex action.

Now that I got that joke out of the way, I can tell you that Michell is currently looking for actors to play Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as FDR's sexy sixth cousin Daisy. Interestingly, the company funding the movie, Film4, declined to also fund The King's Speech in order to avoid a conflict of interest. Also interesting is that Michell is NOT looking for actors to play the King and Queen which either means that they're already cast (Colin Firth, perhaps?) or they aren't major players in the movie. (via Deadline)