Any time that producers have the opportunity to bag the director of two Katherine Heigl romantic comedies (Killers and The Ugly Truth), they will pay whatever it takes to lock that guy DOWN. Because in the Hollywood hierarchy, it goes Steve Spielberg, Chris Nolan, Guy Who Directed Killers and The Awful Truth, then all the other schmucks from film school.

Well, the guy who directed Killers and The Awful Truth has a name, and, against my better judgment, I'm going to give it to you. His name is Robert Luketic, and he kind of looks like a porcelain doll.

His soft, delicate skin notwithstanding, Luketic is apparently an in-demand director, as the producers behind Brilliant, a heist film in which a team of small-crooks team with an expert group of thieves to pull off a huge diamond heist, have hired him. Oh, man! I wonder which character they will cast Katherine Heigl to play. Probably the uptight cat burglar that learns to live a little more freely courtesy of one of the other thieves! (Variety)