Classic children's story "The Story of Ferdinand" has made appearances in several movies, such as that movie we can all pretend not to have cried during Stepmom. Now it's getting a movie of its own, from Ice Age chronicler Carlos Saldanha. The book, in case you were a neglected youngster, is about Ferdinand the Bull, who despite being a bull, doesn't want to participate in the ghastly tradition known as bullfighting. I won't spoil how it ends, except to say that I'm looking forward to seeing dozens of innocent bystanders getting gored in 3D.

This isn't the first time Ferdinand has been on the big screen - Disney adapted it as a short back in the 30s, although they somehow failed to retain rights to the story beyond that. Disney is probably muttering under its breath about this, especially because of the renewed popularity of the book following its appearance in The Blind Side. (via Vulture)