Director of Babylon A.D. Says Screw Babylon A.D.

Wednesday, August 27 by

You know it’s never a good thing when people try to ‘distance’ themselves from something. Like how people tried to ‘distance’ themselves from the Titanic or the Hindenburg, or how people step on landmines and get ‘distanced’ from their feet.

Apparently the Director Mathieu Kassovitz has a bit of a reputation of being a complete asshole. He is likened to Billy Walsh, the crazy dude from Entourage that does Medellin.  Remember, everything in that show is 100% true. I’ve always wondered if directing attracts total dickhead control freaks, or if directing just turns you into a total dickhead control freak. It’s probably both. Variety has the info.

Honestly, we had high hopes for this one. Until we realized it was probably named after this band:

Babylon AD drops this weekend. Check back soon for the review.

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