Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn have worked together on this fall's Drive, and it was such a good experience that they never, ever want to work apart again.

Or so it would seem.

After Drive, it had been announced that Refn was moving on to Only God Forgives, but today they spilled that they are planning on teaming up yet another time for a romantic comedy (that they're trying to talk Drive co-star Albert Brooks in to writing). This is in addition to their collaboration on Logan's Run.[post-video postid="205618"]

Refn said that the newest project will be "a romantic comedy set in New York, which seems like a great place to start." It sure does. They have lots of buildings there. Before we get too far down the path of Ryan Gosling: Rom-Com Star, let's hold out for Gosling's turn in the summer's eagerly anticipated comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. Between Crazy, Drive, The Gangster Squad, Logan's Run, and the two aforementioned projects, Gosling should have his work schedule for the next few years all set. Must be nice.