Director Kim Peirce Ready To ‘Knife’ Crips And Bloods

Wednesday, February 16 by

Crips, Bloods – are those wacky gangs ever gonna get along? My guess is “no,” and I’ll also guess this upcoming movie won’t help the situation either.

Universal picked Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) to direct a new ‘one-of-these-guys-is-not-like-the-others’ story. This one’s called The Knife, and it’s about a South Central “gangbanger,” as my dad calls them, who agrees to go undercover for the FBI. He snitches so heartily, he ends up putting his life in serious danger. It’s based on a true story from a GQ article published in 2008, so at the very least, I expect the gang members to be stylishly dressed and quite handsome.

Brian Grazer is producing and Vineet Dewan is writing the script. Oh, and if you tell anyone about this, I will slice your throat, holmes. Ya feel me? (Deadline)

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