Elysium has made a last-second addition to its roster, picking up Diego Luna to star as Julio, the best friend of star Matt Damon's character. Luna is still in talks with Sony to join, but all signs point to "yes," the most compelling sign being "they have to get someone signed on immediately because the film stars shooting this summer.

Luna would join Damon, William Fichtner, and Jodie Foster in the sci-fi flick. Elysium tells the story of an alien-human war here on earth, with filming taking place in both Mexico and Canada, presumably to better convey a sense of a continental war.

Elysium must be some kind of production, because the summer '11 start date doesn't allow the film to hit theaters any sooner than March '13. One could guess that there are probably some special effects in the mix on this guy. (Variety)