Ever been curious about Die Hard hero John McClane's back story?  Like, the waaaay-back story before Holly and the kids?  Well, you can put your curiosity to bed soon.  This August, Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios will release the first issue of Die Hard: Year One, a comic book that will delve into McClane's rookie year on the force.  

According to Comics Continuum, the comic will follow John while he "earns his badge in New York City during 1976's Bicentennial celebration... and the Summer of Sam."  This doesn't bode well for a run-in with an eight-year-old Argyle, but a man can dream.  (I don't think I'm alone in saying that an alternare-reality Die Hard title in which McClane brings a young Argyle on as his wisecracking sidekick would kick all sorts of ass.  Throw in a superpowered Hans Gruber and you have yourself a top-selling title.)

Ahem.  Back to reality.  Issue #1 of Die Hard: Year One is written by Howard Chaykin, who was behind DC/Vertigo's American Century title, and had a hand in Marvel's "Mutant X" TV show.  Stephen Thompson (IDW's Star Trek: New Frontier) will supply the artwork, and it looks like there might be some variant covers by Dave Johnson, Jock and Joh Paul Leon.

Issue #1 will be 24 pp. and available for $3.99 at any self-respecting comic book shop.

Check out the full covers after the jump!

[via Peter Sciretta @ SlashFilm]