Did Fox Offer Hugh Jackman $100 Million To Keep Playing Wolverine?

Wednesday, August 14 by

Hugh Jackman has done a pretty good job of not only making the Wolverine character his own, but having helped make the X-Men (and arguably comic book movies) what they are today. So clearly that means he should make nine figures to keep doing that, right?

The National Enquirer (I know, I know) is reporting that Jacked man has been offered $100 million for sticking with the franchise and Marvel universe for four more films. While that’s normally not a commitment that many A-list stars are comfortable making, that kind of job security sure does afford Jackman the opportunity to do a shit ton of song-and-dance musicals or whatever else he likes.

And $25 million per film, while rich, isn’t exactly crazy. I mean, I would have a hard time imagining a character more inexorably linked to a specific actor. AND DON’T SAY “JACK REACHER.”

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