Kyra Sedgwick To Fight Small Wooden Box!

Tuesday, January 18 by

On the heels of announcing that they had scooped up Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the male lead, Deadline reports that the producers of Dibbuk Box signed Kyra Sedgwick as well. Sedgwick will play the mother of a child who has a fascination with a newly acquired antique box. No word on who will play the antique box, but it’s rumored that Robert Downey Jr. is in late-stage negotiations. Just kidding. It’s a wooden box.

Her daughter then begins displaying erratic behavior as the divorced parents discover that the box is meant to destroy its host. While the premise sounds familiar, having Sam Raimi onboard as producer indicates that while the film may not be good, it will certainly be interesting. Further, Danish director Ole Bornedal will hopefully bring a sensibility to the film that hasn’t been tainted by the glut of horror/thrillers over the past decade.

The film is currently slated for release on October 28, 2011, which is pretty close to Halloween. Think that’s intentional?

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