Diablo Cody To Step Behind The Camera For ‘Lamb Of God’

Wednesday, June 29 by

Diablo “Former Stripper” Cody has decided to make the leap from screenwriting to directing with the upcoming feature Lamb of God. Between this and her re-teaming with Jason Reitman, she must have cast some mystical spell over studios that made them forget that her last film was Jennifer’s Body. Lamb of God will track a young religious woman as she survives a plane crash, only to lose her faith, then trek to Vegas where she becomes all drink-y and whorish, only to reclaim her faith.

Of course, Cody’s breakout script was Juno, directed by Jason Reitman, with whom she again teamed for the upcoming Young Adult, which Reitman is currently filming. She hasn’t been able to step out from the shadow of her Oscar-winning Juno, but if she can’t strike gold a second time with Reitman, then her destiny is in her own hands with Lamb. If she is able to recreate that Juno magic, we might not forget about Jennifer’s Body, but it will lessen the damage done.

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