[post-album postid="217079" item="1"]As part of the Los Angeles Film Festival’s “Coffee Talk” series, Diablo Cody joined a panel of screenwriters to discuss their craft. She revealed a few tidbits about her upcoming films. Her next Jason Reitman collaboration, Young Adult, promises to be quite different from Juno.

Young Adult is actually a really cynical film,” she said. “It’s a drama and I’m interested to see how people would receive it because I don’t think it’s what people are expecting from me.”

As opposed to that whimsical film about teen pregnancy. But yeah, Juno had a happy ending, for all its sarcasm. Young Adult won’t be quite so, as Jeffrey Wells suggested when he asked Cody a question, congenial.

“Congenial I think is a good word to describe the Jason Reitman body of work and I think the characters tend to have these redemption arcs that are very satisfying. Jason’s a really nice guy and I feel like I’m really dragging him down into the depths of misery for this film. But it is definitely a more stark realistic story about a woman who’s having some serious personal issues and dealing with them in inappropriate ways.”

Young Adult may even be controversial. But hey, if you don’t like it, you’re just lime green Jello. “I hate to get all feministy on everybody like I always do, but I think particularly it’s going to be difficult for people to watch a woman behave in this manor. We see a lot of male curmudgeons in films and we’ve been trained to root for them but I don’t know if that’s going to be the case for this movie. I absolutely love Young Adult and I’m really excited for people to see it, but it’s definitely not super consistent with what Jason Reitman has done, and particularly what Jason and I have done together.”

Then Cody wrote a major Hollywood teen franchise. “I wrote Sweet Valley High, this amazing series of teen books from the ‘80s that really desperately needed to become a major movie in my opinion, so I wrote the script. I can’t really talk about it that much yet. However know, ladies, that it’s moving forward and I’m very excited about it.”