Directors Guild Nominates Directors For Directing

Monday, January 10 by

Attention mythical creatures who care about the Academy Awards: What is commonly considered one of the last important indicators of Oscar nominations has finally been released from the Director’s Guild of America vault, which is presumably guarded by unpaid screenwriters who don’t receive proper credit for their work. Like literally every other critical body on the planet, the DGA likes David Fincher’s conspicuously serial-killer-free work on The Social Network and Christopher Nolan’s conspicuously magician-free work on Inception. Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) also gets a nod for his technical expertise and his ability to seduce the audience with scenes of the hottest young female stars performing oral sex on one another, along with Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) and David O. Russell (The Fighter). It might come as a surprise that Joel and Ethan Coen did not receive a nomination for True Grit, despite the fact that True Grit is the most conventionally Oscar-winner-like movie of their incredible career. Conventional wisdom would indicate that True Grit‘s absence from these nominees means its chances of getting an Oscar nomination are greatly diminished, but with the new Academy Award system of nominating 10 nominees instead of only 5, this might not be the case anymore.

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