The past couple seasons of Dexter have probably been bittersweet for the producers and stars of the show. On the one hand, the series had never enjoyed higher ratings, but on the other hand, those parties were responsible for some of the worst television on cable TV.

Well, rather than live with that internal conflict gnawing at the core of their being, executive producer Sara Colleton has gone on record as saying season 8 will "absolutely" be Dexter's last.

Given last season's cliffhanger, in which (SPOILER, YO!) sister Deb finds Dexter slamming his knife into the Doomsday Killer, there's probably only a finite amount of time left for Dexter to go around killing people all the time before she feels compelled to raise her hand.

Colleton has also said that the producers wanted to end the series after this coming season, but Showtime "convinced" (read: threw big fistfuls of cash at)the team to stick around for one more season. Always the hallmark of a creative swan song.