I try so hard not to fall into the Transformers 2 hype, but every time one of these little bits of info slip out, I go spiraling back to my childhood, which I spent sitting on a rug turning robots into cars and then back into robots. I have a personal love for Devastator, mainly because he could do what Voltron could do, only the toys were way cheaper.

The concept is a lot like Voltron, or even Power Rangers, in that it's one enormous robot that's made up of smaller robots. Of course, each smaller robot is a full-sized piece of construction equipment, like a crane or a bulldozer, making the final product a tremendous heap of robot awesomeness. The information confirming Devastator didn't come from an infallible source (unless you consider Transformers messageboards the height of journalism), but it only seems logical. I only hope Michael Bay can pull his head out of his own ass long enough to make this cool. And then explode it.

From: Transformers World 2005 (Nice name).